Imatra Art Museum, from 20th of August to 15th of September 2018. Opening ceremony in the evening of 17th of August 2018.


Helsinki, Tiivistämö from 11th to 27th of October, opening ceremony in the evening of 10th of October 2018.



14th-16th of August 2018. KORU6 seminar, 17th-18th of August 2018. Registration open soon!


  • workshop participation 350 €  (including lunch and evening program)
  • for students and members of the Finnish Jewellery Art Association 200 €
  • reservation fee 100 €

Lauren Kalman

Julia Maria Künnap

Eija Mustonen

LAUREN KALMAN • The Body Political: Wearable Objects as Social Tools


In this workshop participants will explore and produce dynamic-human scale wearable sculptures addressing wearable objects as performed social tools. Our personal politics are rooted in values and these values can be projected through the adornment, dress, tools, and objects we wear. From the activist, to identity, to the deeply silly this workshop will explore object making intended to be activated through performance and documentation.



JULIA MARIA KÜNNAP  • The Point of No Return


A paper and a laptop screen can take anything. If you don't like what comes out, you erase it or click Undo. There is no going back when working with stones. In fact, it might be the case that you can go neither backwards nor forwards, because the stone breaks. I believe everyone who has ever worked with stones has broken one. There exist lines that we usually don't have the time or the courage to probe. How thin can a sheet of a stone be polished and how fine can a stick of stone be made without it snapping between your fingers? How sharp can a girdle be without it breaking while setting? Do the principles that work with one stone work with another, too? Where is the “point of no return”, really? How close can we get to it?

During the workshop, participants will be assigned different stonecutting tasks. The participants may receive more than one task during the three days. Each person will take notes about their process, which will be discussed every evening. All results will be collected at the end of the workshop and shared with the other participants so that the “point of no return” won’t merely be the clarity of hindsight.



EIJA MUSTONEN • Transformation


Transformation is an experimental workshop in contemporary jewellery. How two-dimensional material can be changed into three-dimensional? How flat materials like paper, textile or metal can be transformed into three dimensional form and furthermore to be a part of a body as jewellery? Through testing and experimenting we study what different additional elements bring (or not) to the body. How far we can go and still talk about jewellery?